Cleanrak Oy is a company, providing construction and cleaning services, established in 2014. Our construction services include renovation, new construction as well as cleaning services. We mainly provide interior and exterior finishing works in Helsinki Metropolitan area. Our group of customers include private customers as well as businesses and companies.

Our company relies heavily on the quality and professional pride. We are building a cost-effective reliable quality, on schedule. We come up with effective ways of working and approaches in different situations.

The insurance of solid skills and modern standards is 10 years of working experience.

A satisfied customer is the best business card!

Cleanrak Oy:s values are:

  • Quality.
  • Cost – effectiveness.
  • Schedule.
  • We value open collaboration and continuity with our customers.
  • We take good care of our workers, this motivates them to do good work.
  • We take care of the financial and social obligations to detail.
  • We build responsibly, so all parties are satisfied.